Dapamozham.by: a digital informational platform connecting those in need with those who can and want to help

A digital informational platform connecting people who need help with those who can and want to help. We helped with the creation of the site, design and container, front-end development and expansion of its functionality.

The social platform Dapamozham.by was created for those who don’t know where to find a solution for problems related to specific life situations: single elderly people, people with disabilities or cancer, refugees and stateless people, children and teenagers, former convicts, victims of domestic violence, and others.

Successful start and scaling

The project began at the end of March 2020 as part of the virtual hackathon #Hackathome. Initially, the platform was conceived as a Belarusian map of information assistance about the coronavirus situation, and so it was named COVIDby.info. The idea was that with the help of the site and the chatbot, users could find answers to questions about the coronavirus as well as ready-made solutions: contact information for medicine delivery services, lawyers, psychologists, etc.

After some time, UN representatives came to the platform‘s founders and proposed expanding the project to help more people, not only during the pandemic. Thus, COVIDby.info was transformed into Dapamozham.by.

Our contribution

The project was supported by many companies, mentors and experts. The Belarusian Red Cross and the IMENA platform were partners in the implementation of the Good Phone hotline. An EPAM volunteer team also contributed to this important social initiative, helping with:

  • site creation

  • design and container

  • front-end development

  • expansion of functionality

Today, they are engaged in technical support and site development.

Thanks to the EPAM volunteers for their prompt response and contribution to this great initiative!

Volunteer team

Pavel Liber

Kseniya Mahilnaya

Ihar Karotki

Marina Zhuk