COVID Resistance app to help people stay safe

COVID Resistance is a digital health identity contact tracing mobile app that anonymously tracks risk exposure to COVID-19.


COVID-19 is a difficult virus to track as many people who are contagious do not show symptoms and many regions are faced with a lack of conclusive testing or unclear guidance, making it more likely for transmission to spread.


COVID Resistance is an open source mobile app framework designed to anonymously track the health status and risk exposure of users within a specific region. The app leverages real-time data to reduce potential transmissions of COVID-19.

Who Uses COVID Resistance?

Governments and NGOs can adapt the app to provide healthcare workers with a secure way to flag and track infections; gather large amounts of anonymized user data in real-time to enable quick and responsive decision-making communicate important treatment and health guidelines to users.

Individual users can download COVID Resistance to securely and privately reduce potential exposure to COVID-19 and monitor their risk exposure alongside other users.

Medical personnel can download the app to interface with users if they are suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19, or report that they have been tested and confirmed as infected.

How Does It Work?

COVID Resistance uses Bluetooth to create an anonymous randomized token ID. The app is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. No personal data is stored or shared. When a user download the app and registers, they use an anonymous profile to create and receive a digital token. Users also have the option to add their region, age group and preexisting conditions. Medical personnel who use the app can use the information provided by users to offer tailored guidance. As the users moves through their daily life, if the app picks up a signal from another user, their token are exchanged and registered. The anonymous exchange creates a record of interactions between the app users. In case a user becomes symptomatic, they can update their status to “Suspected.” If a user is tested and confirmed to be “Infected,” the user can also update their anonymous profile. If a user’s profile is updated to “Suspected” or “Infected,” the app will notify any other users who exchanged tokens with them to alert them of their risk of exposure. Medical personnel with access to the app will receive real-time notification of “Suspected” or “Infected” patients. Medical staff can also register a user’s status based on testing, and provide timely treatment guidance to “Suspected” or “Infected” users through push notifications, so they can receive well-timed care.

The Team

Aleksandr Poloiko, Aleksey Charnak, Aleh Luksha, Attila Szucs, Ihar Chuzhou, Ilya Lipai, Ina Skorb1, Ivan Pleshkov, Kirk Tierney, Michael Lamb, Mikhail Ivanov7, Nella Shukan, Sveta Strechen, Valeryia Malashchanka, Victor Prygun, Jorge Yui